Our passion comes from our land and lies within our land: Molise, one of the smallest regions in Italy, but one of the richest in terms of natural “blessings”. This region provides more than 40% of the national truffle production.

Geographically speaking, Molise is a central region, but it’s tightly linked to the historical events of southern Italy. With a little over 300k inhabitants, this territory is a widespread and scattered settlement, comprising of 136 councils, that rarely surpass 5000 inhabitants. There are so many villages that still keep the traces of the authentic, native Italian vibe and the pristine, untouched history of the past. Some of them are ranked as the most beautiful villages in the whole country. Molise is flooded by numerous rivers and is mainly mountainous, apart from the beautiful river valleys. The Appennine chain, with heights that go above 2000 m, slowly slide towards the Adriatic coastline into hills with idyllic landscape.

Molise is mainly agricultural, with large crops of cereals, vegetable, orchards, vineyards and olive trees. Most of the businesses are family based, as the rural economy goes together with the surroundings. Molise stands as one of the most prosperous areas in Italy, and the truffle business adds to it. The pristine forests that descend from the Matese mountain hide out “edible gold”, highly appreciated all around the world. The Molise cuisine is authentic, yet refined - a delicious way to “speak” the history and traditions of the area. Recipes and flavours are precious secrets, passed from generation to generation. Cooking becomes a beautiful, sacred ritual. A carefully preserved taste, inspired from the popular, “poor” cuisine, open to be reinterpreted, experimented and finally evolved to the ultimate sophistication.

The Matese Truffles

Forest scented
Bold taste

The truffle is one of the finest condiments, a kitchen treasure. Its typical fragrance, the bold taste, evoke the forest flavour and it’s appreciated even by the most demanding connoisseurs. The fresh truffle, as well as all the product range that derives from it, are the ideal ingredient to flavour and enrich countless recipes. Thanks to this wholesome ingredient, one can create delicious appetizers and refined meals.

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